Volume Lashes


Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

The rate of re growth will vary between each individual but if the hair is waxed regularly it will damage the follicle causing the hair to grow back finer in texture, sparse, and prevent some hair from returning at all.

A single extension is applied to an isolated natural lash.

They will add length and fullness and create a classic - more natural look. Each lash is carefully selected and placed to create a look that best suits you.

We offer a variety of eye lash extension services so we can customize a look that works perfectly for you.

We use the highest quality lashes, glue and collagen infused eye pads. Come have a relaxing lash nap in our therapy blanket and we will take care of the rest!

Unlike shaving a good wax can keep that unwanted body hair away for 3 - 5 weeks.

Multiple lashes are carefully made into a soft fan and applied to a singular lash.

This creates full, lightweight and fluffy lashes.

We create each fan to be 3D, 5D or 7D as we apply them to your natural lashes. Allowing us to create the personalized fullness you desire.



We use the most gentle wax and we can promise to make your service as quick and painless as possible. Leaving you with smooth, soft and vibrant skin.

We use only the highest quality products for every service we offer. We will customize each service to suit your needs. With our years of experience and passion for our work, we guarantee you will leave feeing beautiful and satisfied with your services.

Hybrid Lashes are a combination of classic and volume. They are perfect for those who want the fullness of volume lashes but want a more natural effect. We will selectively alternate between volume fans and classic lashes to create fullness in specific areas.